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Would You Buy A Swifty's Garage Promo Car?
Yes, price doesn't matter 7 (14.9%)
Yes, but price has to be under $20 16 (34%)
Yes, but price has to be under $15 8 (17%)
Yes, but price has to be under $10 2 (4.3%)
Maybe- depends on the make/model of car & what it looks like 11 (23.4%)
No 3 (6.4%)
Total Votes: 47
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July Picture Of The Month Poll

Posted by Swifty (Admin) at Aug 4 2017, 01:32 PM. 2 comments

Posted Image
Huyken's Bel Air

Posted Image
ninuxx's Golfing

Posted Image
JeepXJlover's Perfect Vacation

Posted Image
Airborne511's Patriotic Shelbys

Posted Image
Toyotageek's Mo' Momo

Posted Image
Mikey 1/64's Relaisroute

Posted Image
carsdownunder's What About Z?

Posted Image
Jack Daniels (Hosspower98 & daniel60)'s Porsches At Night

Posted Image
ninnux's Majorettes

Posted Image
Hot Wheels' Vroom Vroom

Posted Image
Hosspower98's Deep Impact

June Picture of The Month Poll

Posted by Swifty (Admin) at Aug 4 2017, 01:29 PM. 0 comments

Posted Image
SnowOwl's Camping By The Shore

Posted Image
JeepXJLover's Topiary Services

Posted Image
daniel60's Silly Granny Tricks Are For Kids

Posted Image
Guntownal's Mighty Pink Maverick

Posted Image
Lil' '86's MAERSK

Posted Image
Hosspower98's The Good Old Days

Photobucket Hosting

Posted by jedimario (Admin) at Jun 30 2017, 10:45 PM. 17 comments

As many of you have discovered, Photobucket has recently modified their pricing structure and removed third-party hosting abilities from all but their most expensive account type. This change affects all of their existing content, including many thousands of pictures linked here at Swifty's Garage. All Photobucket images belonging to members who are not in the highest pay tier will now appear as this:

Posted Image

Usually here at the Garage, you have a limited amount of time to edit your posts and topics. We are temporarily removing this limit so that you may go back and edit posts affected by Photobucket's change should you wish. Tentatively, this limit will be lifted for one month. During this time, you will be able to go back and change the image links in your posts to new ones that work. We know this will be a tedious process, but we wanted to make it available. Unfortunately, there's not much else we can do.

For discussion on the issue and alternative services, check out this thread.

To recover your images, follow these steps:

1. Locate the post you wish to recover images from.
2. Click the Edit button below the post.
3. Copy the full URL between the IMG brackets.
4. Paste this URL in a new web browser tab or window.
5a. Right click the image you want to keep and click "Save as..." or similar. This will allow you to save the image to your hard drive like any other file.
5b. If you are logged in to Photobucket, there may be a "download" option somewhere on the page. I have forgotten my credentials so I can't check for one.

EDIT: We have several members whos Photobucket accounts are still allowing third party hosting. Not sure of the reason for this, but Photobucket itself claims that this should not be working.

May Picture Of The Month Poll

Posted by Swifty (Admin) at Jun 12 2017, 10:45 PM. 3 comments

Posted Image
Stampede's "Volvo Beach"

Posted Image
Daniel60's "Masterpiece"

Posted Image
Airborn511's "Corvette Summer"

Posted Image
Airborn511's "Alive '55"

Posted Image
Dainel60's "Speedy's Garage"

Posted Image
JeepXJLover's "With Two Cads In The Yard, Life Used To Be So Hard"

Posted Image
Carsdownunder's "Buick Avenue"

Posted Image
ILLest's "Enos' Japanese Cousin, Eneos"

Posted Image
Jedimario's "Red Vs Blue"

Posted Image
Hosspower98's "Grabber Chrome Takes The Checkers"

Posted Image
Mikey 1/64's "All Hong Kong Brands Serviced"

April Picture of The Month Poll

Posted by Swifty (Admin) at May 9 2017, 08:33 PM. 4 comments

Posted Image
Matchthebox's Bullitt Time

Posted Image
Hosspower98's Antique Bronze Metallic

Posted Image
Airborn511's Who's The Boss?

Posted Image
Airborn511's Blue Goat

Posted Image
Daniel60's Nice Day For A Picnic

Posted Image
Ninnux's Red Bull

Posted Image
Matchthebox's Reflections

Posted Image
Carcollector's White Rabbit

Posted Image
Milton Fox Racing's Infrared

Posted Image
Hosspower98's Pumpkin

Posted Image
Juantoo3's Hot Pursuit! I Love It, I Love It, I Love It!

Posted Image
Matchthebox's JSM 586

March Picture of The Month Poll

Posted by Swifty (Admin) at Apr 1 2017, 09:42 PM. 0 comments

Posted Image
Rob G's BRE

Posted Image
carsdownunder's More Zs Than ZZ Top

Posted Image
daniel60's '56 Ford

Posted Image
Airborne511's Vette

Posted Image
daniel60's Rent-A-Racer

Posted Image
Airborne511's kcalBBandit

Posted Image
Diecastmania's Street Service

Posted Image
Airborne511's Pretty In Pink

Posted Image
250 TR's Breakdown Dead Ahead

Posted Image
Camaro Marty's Crushed Crown Vic

February Picture of the Month

Posted by carcollector (Moderators) at Mar 11 2017, 06:28 AM. 4 comments

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Milton Fox Racing
Posted Image

Posted Image
Rob G

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
Kool Daddy Airborn

January Picture of the Month

Posted by carcollector (Moderators) at Feb 16 2017, 02:04 PM. 6 comments

Posted Image
daniel60 "Police Car"
Posted Image
daniel60 "Golden Dream"
Posted Image
Remco_Natrop "Fiat 500 Kit"
Posted Image
Hosspower98 "Shell Station"
Posted Image
daniel60 "Parking"
Posted Image
Christophe Francois "Porsche"
Posted Image
Tyrolese"Animal Transport"
Posted Image
Camaro Marty "On a Mountain Road"
Posted Image
Hosspower98 "Working in the Garage"

December 2016 Picture of the Month

Posted by craftymore (Moderators) at Jan 16 2017, 08:44 PM. One comment

Guy64 'Christmas Car'
Posted Image

Carsdownunder's 'SSJ'
Posted Image

Daniel60's 'Custom El'
Posted Image

Carhauler's 'Striking '58 Plymouths'
Posted Image

Illest's 'Double Skyline'
Posted Image

Stangfreak's 'Drag Galaxy'
Posted Image

Tyrolese 'Minty Tomica'
Posted Image

Matchthebox's 'Morphing Sedans'
Posted Image

2016 Promo Cars Are In

Posted by Swifty (Admin) at Dec 14 2016, 11:43 PM. 71 comments

2016 was a big year for the Garage. We celebrated our tenth anniversary, and our 500,000th post. We even had an awesome contest to celebrate. So what's the only thing we were missing this year?

A promo car! And with just a few short weeks left in the year, it's time to rectify that before it's too late!

So without further ado... introducing the 2016 Swifty's Garage promo car:

Posted Image

It's the MotorMax 1971 Ford Mustang Boss 351 with additional detail from ColorComp. With a racing roundel representing the year 2016 and Swifty's Garage sponsorship on the flanks, this pony is sure to gallop into your collection this holiday season.

We have 43 of them. And that's it, when they're gone, they're gone forever. There will be no additional runs of this car. Post to reserve your car in this thread - this is a first come, first served basis:

Price is $22.00 shipped (in the USA - outside the USA shipping will be at cost) for check/money order, and $23.00 shipped (in the USA - outside the USA shipping will be at cost) for those opting to use PayPal (to cover the PayPal fee). Additional car(s) available at $15.00/car.

Payment instructions:

Check or money order mailed to:

Swifty's Garage
PO Box 72
Cornwall, PA 17016

Please make checks/money orders out to me, personally. PM me for my name if you need it.

PayPal: bkiehn@gmail.com

A big thanks to 250 TR for volunteering to receive PayPal payments for this promotion. Thanks Ben!

1. Swifty
2. carcollector
3. 250 TR
4. Ripa
5. craftymore
6. juantoo3
7. jedimario
8. Hobie-wan
9. Mark F.
10. Atencio
11. Hosspower98
12. webestang64
13. ivantt
14. Siniweb
15. jurcpa
16. armorfan
17. Pegers
19. Matchbox Joe
20. carcollector #2
21. juantoo3 #2
22. webestang64 #2
23. coldpopcarl
24. Milton Fox Racing
25. Dean-o-mite
26. Dean-o-mite #2
27. coldpopcarl #2
28. coldpopcarl #3
29. Buddhaa1
30. Keith (PMCC)
31. DinoMom

Red means paid in full, green means shipped & purple means received)

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