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TINTOYS; Casting list and photos (WT-numbers)
Topic Started: Mar 12 2016, 10:54 PM (10,332 Views)
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The following excerpts were originally published in Tales of Toy Cars between October 2002 & July 2003.
EDIT - The below information seems to be outdated. Further research seems to indicate the T series are from the company TINS' TOYS while the WT series is TINTOYS = two separate companies. Information from the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SMALL-SCALE DIECAST MOTOR VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS by Kimmo, Dave Weber & Mark Foster, published in 2006 indicates two companies vs one.

Tales of Toy Cars #316
Tintoys & Tins' Toys
by Kimmo Sahakangas
It is unknown how this Hong Kong based company was named. One can imagine they were in the tin plate toys business. In the 1970s and 1980s, they manufactured small-scale diecast vehicles identified by a "WT" prefixed model number on the baseplate. Different Tintoys logos were used, the first appearing very much like a "W" centered on a triangle. The "T" would be two t's! Perhaps this is the use of "WT" for their numbering system. The second was titled Tins' Toys, identified by a "T" prefixed numbering system. Some castings were produced with more than one number. The majority of both "WT" and "T" models were provided with a plastic baseplate.

During the 1970s, Tintoys issued their "Die Cast Sport Car Fast Wheels" series of race cars From this manufacturer's own words on the blister card: "Die-cast Sport Car with fast-speed wheels, doll driver, chrome plated hub-caps and exhaust pipes, finished in bright colored metallic paints with adhesive markings". Some of these were also available in window boxes titled "Fast-Speed Wheels Die-Cast Mini Sedan". "Models of Classic Car" comprised of antique automobiles that are slightly larger scale than most Tintoys issued.

Military "Die-Cast Armored Car" vehicles appear to be geared toward enthusiasts demanding realism. These models are smaller in scale that other Tintoys with tan wheels. "Mini Coach", and "Bus" are two other series that were available. Several models were provided with a pencil sharpener within the casting. Tintoys even produced simple, larger scale vehicles converted to ornaments for Christmas trees. Not all "WT" models were available only under Tintoys.

Over twenty years ago, E.F.S., and Imperial Toy Company distributed these models through mass marketing in the United States. K-Mart offered this series at their department stores. "T" models were available from Kingsbury, a distributor, during this same time period.

Several "WT" models have continued production by High Speed, another Hong Kong diecast firm. These models are casted with another numbering system that is arbitrary to collectors.

Tintoys is currently in business. Large-scale models are available with faithful reproductions of actual vehicles. Several were displayed at the Western States Toy & Hobby Show in Pomona California. It is not known which firms are marketing these current offerings. Other large-scale models are available too, often with poor detailing and can be found in open displays mixed with models from other manufacturers.

To the right and left is the partial list of models produced by Tintoys with contributions from Collectors Mark Foster, Christian Falkensteiner and Tom Palfreyman.

Tales of Toy Cars #327
Tintoys: The Sequel
by Kimmo Sahakangas

This is another round for Tintoys, or actually, Tins' Toys. Last month, "Tintoys & Tins' Toys" story included images of "WT" models that were available under the Tintoys names. This month offers images of the "T" models. These models make this a sequel, for better or worse! These were sold under "Tins' Toys". It is not certain why these names were used for the different numbering systems. The "T" car models are slightly smaller than "WT" models. Commercial vehicles are a smaller scale; however, they are larger. Some of the "T' models are smaller versions of "WT" models suggesting that in some regions, these may have been marketed with additional economy in mind. Summer and Yat Ming, for example have produced diecast toys with varying quality. It is not known if these models were available in sets. The only examples were available in blister cards. All this said, the big question is: are Tintoys and Tins' Toys related? These names are very similar with some of the vehicles produced by both even if the scale or quality is not the same. The "T" models are based on contemporary cars and trucks from the 1970s to the early 1980s. Imaginary Cars from this Hong Kong diecast maker were included in the series. I expect that those responsible found more interest in creating a car design from scratch whether or not customers found them appealing. In addition, collector Kevin Lam notified the Matchbox Community Hall to the Tintoys website. The homepage indicates that Tintoys began business in 1965.

Tales of Toy Cars #400
A Tintoys Triquel
by Kimmo Sahakangas
Since the first two Tintoys stories (1) were featured in "Tales of Toy Cars", a few more images are provided for those interested. An amended list of models is included with additions. Many were listed on the backside of a blistercard that I did not examine for the last story. These new photos depict some models I found last fall at a flea market and three sent by a collector. As mentioned before, some of the castings were issued both as "WT" and "T" prefixed model numbers. The "WTs" are distributed as Tintoys, whereas the "Ts" are Tins' Toys. The Corvette Luxe is an example: the former "WT" casting included rounded wheel wells and with the latter "T", the wells are squared off. In addition, the "T" model sports smaller wheels. Please refer to the previous stories for more images of represented cars. Any other models added to the list are welcomed. The two classic cars are shown for variety and are, however, Yesteryear knock-offs.

The original Tales of Toy Cars is now offline, but the reports can still be accessed on the Wayback Machine and seen here:



WT101 Saladin MK II

WT200 Ferrari F1 (T200)

WT201 Karina 1700
WT201 - only Tintoys seem to call this a Karina 1700 - everywhere else it is a 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Iguana by Italdesign

WT202 Corvette Chevrolet Coupe

WT203 Chevrolet De Luxe Stingray

WT204 Porsche Racer

WT205 Fiat Abarth 2000

WT206 Ferrari Competizione WT206 Abarth 2000 (see also T348, T217)


WT223 Matra F1 (T203)

WT224 Lotus Climax F1 (T224)

WT225 Honda F1

WT226 Ferrari F1

WT227 TIGER 1 (tank)

WT228 Char AMX 30 (tank)

WT229 Chieftain (tank)

WT230 M551 Sheridan (tank)

WT231 1906 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow (1:55)

WT232 1912 Packard Landaulet (1:50)

WT233 1913 Cadillac (1:48)

WT234 1914 Stutz (1:48)


WT236A - Porsche Sport (thanks JonnyCar) likely 917 racer


WT238A RED SHADOW (appears to be Matchbox copy, Hairy Hustler)
Posted Image
Posted Image

WT239 Fiat Dino Coupe

WT240 Lancia Fulvia Coupe

WT241 Corvette Rondine

WT242 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL

*(Note: numbers WT301 - WT304 are smaller scale than the Yesteryear knock-offs WT231 - WT234, and are more in keeping with a collection of approx 1/64 cars, although they are fairly long - the big Merc limo measures 94 millimetres, but that's still a lot less than Majorette's stretched Cadillac (approx. 129mm), so don't worry!)

WT301 - 1924 Isotta Fraschini Cabriolet

WT302 - 1927 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Cabriolet

WT303 - 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II Cabriolet

WT304 - 1938 Mercedes Benz Grosse Limousine Cabriolet

WT305 M60A1 (tank)

WT306 Centurion Mk III (tank)

WT307 Leopard (tank)

WT308 Panzer PZKPFW III (tank)

WT309 Hunting Tiger (tank)

WT310 Sherman M4A3E8 (tank)

WT311 T-55 (tank)

WT312 KV-1 (tank)

WT313 Jadgpanther (tank)

WT314 T-10 (tank)

WT315 M-42 Duster (tank)

WT316 Panther (tank)

WT317 Tiger (tank)

WT318 Char AMX 30 (tank)

WT320 M551 Sheridan (tank)

WT401 Saladin Mk II

WT402 M8

WT403 BTR 40

WT404 Daimler Mk II

WT405 BRM P160 F1 (also numbered T201)

WT406 Mach Ford 721 F1 (also numbered T199)

WT407 Tyrell Ford Racer (also numbered T202)

WT408 Lotus JPS F1 (also numbered T204, It is different to WT224, although both appear to represent the Lotus 72)

WT501 Matra Simca M670 Racer (T316)

WT502 March 707 Can Am Racer (T315)

WT503 McLaren M8A Can Am (T314)
Posted Image
Posted Image

WT504 Porsche Audi Can Am (T313)

WT505 Gulf Mirage Can Am (T312)

WT506 Ligier JS/3 Racer (T311)
Posted Image
Posted Image
*this example is missing the exhaust pipe on one side

WT507 Mercedes C-111 (same as T293)

WT508 Ferrari 312P

WT509 Ferrari P5

WT510 Porsche 917

WT511 Ferrari 512M

WT512 Howmet "TX"


WT701 is a Lola T260 Can-Am racer

WT702, like WT705, is interesting because it appears to be a miniaturized version of one of Matchbox's generic Speed Kings cars, namely the K-51 "Barracuda".

WT703 is a Lola T222 Can-Am

WT704 is a BRM P154 Can-Am

WT705 is a scaled-down version of Matchbox Speed Kings K-75 "Marauder" Can-Am car.

WT706 is a Chaparral 2G Can-Am

WT707 March Can Am (T315)
WT707 - another - Scammell Crusader

WT708 - another - Mack cab**

WT710 McLaren M8A Can Am

WT711 Hesketh 308

WT712 Lotus JPS 2T

WT713 Shadow DN4

WT714 Brabham B.T.42

WT715 BRM P201

WT716 Lola 370

WT717 Ferrari 312 B374

WT718 Tyrrel 007

WT719 Ferrari?

WT720 Brabham GT 44

WT721 McLaren M23

WT801A-D Tyrrell P34 (4 colours)

WT901 Chevy

WT902 Pontiac Trans Am

WT903 Nomad Wagon

WT904 Camaro

WT905 Nissan Fairlady 240Z (pullback)

WT906 Lancia Stratos (pullback)

WT907 Maserati Bora (pullback)

WT908 Lamborghini Miura pull back

WT8004 - Isuzu Elf cement mixer truck*

WT8006 - Isuzu Elf back-hoe truck*

WT8012 - Lancia Stratos*

WT8014 - Lamborghini Miura*

WT8101 Citroen CX

WT8102 Fiat X 1/9

WT8103 Alfa Romeo Giuletta

WT8104 Toyota Celica 2000GT

WT8105 Datsun Fairlady 240Z Rallye

WT8106 Maserati Bora

WT8107 Fiat Dino Coupe

WT8108 Lancia Fulvia Coupe

WT8109 Corvette Rondine

WT8110 Mercedes Benz 280SL

WT8213-8215 Isuzu Delivery Truck (pencil sharpener)

WT8216-8218 Leyland Refrigerator Van (pencil sharpener)

WT8219 Nissan Fairlady 240Z (pencil sharpener)

WT8220 Lancia Stratos (pencil sharpener)

WT8221 Maserati Bora (pencil sharpener)

WT8222 Lamborghini (pencil sharpener)

WT8227-8230 Coach Variations

WT8302 Cable Car

WT8307 Cadillac Seville

WT8308 Toyota 2000


WT8317-8319 Leyland Garbage Truck (pencil sharpener)

WT8403 Ford GT-70 (pencil sharpener)

WT8404 Porsche 917 (pencil sharpener)

WT8405 Ferrari P4 (pencil sharpener)

WT8406 Hairy Hustler (MB #7 copy) (pencil sharpener)


Many thanks to all who contributed: ToyotaGeek, Mikey 1/64, Mark F., InGolf, Hobie-Wan and Dom

If I have missed proper credit to anyone, please let me know and I will correct it.
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Edited by juantoo3, Jan 4 2018, 10:03 PM.
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OK, this should be the combined Tintoys listing. Please review and make sure I didn't miss anything, and that everyone that is due credit is listed.

As always, additions and amendments are welcome. You will find a few question marks on the list where I see conflicting references from those provided.
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Tintoys wheel samples

Posted Image
5 dot-spoke

Posted Image
double 6 spoke
Attached to this post:
Attachments: tintoys_wheel_5_dot_spoke.jpg (17.88 KB)
Attachments: tintoys_wheel_double_6_spoke.jpg (15.29 KB)
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Mark F.
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W.T.507 is a MERCEDES C-111. Here is mine:

Posted Image
Posted Image

Perhaps someone "guessed" that it was a Ferrari in the past.

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Milton Fox Racing
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I aquired this example in January 2017, as part of RAOK portion of a box lot. It is not in the best of shape, but is a match to the casting list details on this post date as a Tintoys model. (Note though that no "dot" follows the W or T on this base as are shown in other photographs above.) An additional descriptor found on the base is a scale listing of 1:52. Each of the bumper ends appear to be broken off and the rear axle set is wired in. But, the rivets appear to still be intact and original. The 4 spoke wheel sets are a match to other cars shown in the same # series listings found in A Tintoys Triquel by Kimmo Sahakangas link listed above.

Tintoys (WT8108) Lancia Fulvia Coupe

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
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Mark F.
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I just found a LOLA 370 for 10 at a thrift store:

Posted Image

#W.T. 716: Posted Image

Our lists may have to be corrected as a Ferrari is listed at W.T. 716 and a Lola 370 is listed at W.T. 719.

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Some additions/corrections:

WT201 - only Tintoys seem to call this a Karina 1700 - everywhere else it is a 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Iguana by Italdesign
WT707 - another - Scammell Crusader
WT708 - another - Mack cab**
WT8004 - Isuzu Elf cement mixer truck*
WT8006 - Isuzu Elf back-hoe truck*
WT8012 - Lancia Stratos*
WT8014 - Lamborghini Miura*

*These 4 all form set WT8118(A). On the back of the box for this is WT8118(B). The cars appear to be around 1/55 scale and the Isuzu trucks 1/72. Cabs are about 1/87 I think. **Set B comprises (individual model numbers not known apart from Mack):
Isuzu Elf cattle truck
Isuzu Elf wrecker
Mack cab (WT708 as above)
Maserati Bora
Nissan Fairlady 240Z


(Thank you! -jt3)
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Station Wagon
Silvercrome base-variation from the No. *W.T. 507* - *Mercedes C-111*

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
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