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UK diecast hunting advice needed
Topic Started: Dec 6 2017, 01:42 PM (159 Views)
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I am currently visiting Edinburgh and I have a hard time finding even ONE diecast worth buying. All I see is old HW mainlines.. I have been to Morrisons, Tesco, TK Maxx, Hamleys, WH Smith.. any stores I should try to find anymore? There is ASDA in the city but it is somewhat hard to reach.. is it worth trying or is the selection as bad as elsewhere? So far UK has been the only country with worse diecast selection than my home country Finland.
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The Quest Continues
When I was in Scotland (June 1995), the only place I found die-cast was at BP service stations. They had 1:64 Corgis. Picked up:

Jaguar XJ series
Mercedes-Benz 190
Volvo 700 series sedan

However, Harrod's in London (completely different country) had a great die-cast toy selection. Also, if you can get to Chester (the walled city) be sure to visit the Toy Museum. They had a ton of die-cast. Make sure you have an extra memory card. You will be taking pictures for a while. Only problem is Chester is a four hour drive from Edinburgh.

Some information:


Good luck!
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Station Wagon
i visited Paris and London a couple of years back and I soon discovered that 1:64 is not a scale taken too seriously. When I did find a diecast shop, 1:87 and 1:43 and larger dominated. 1:64 or "three inch" cars were considered more as toys than collectibles. I found 3-inch Welly at grocers. Norev 3-inch are popular in France. Overall, I left with a feeling that I could just as easily find what I wanted from home on eBay.
Maybe look for toys shows or swap meet type events.
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Welly would be awesome.. any odea which grocery store chain had them?
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Dec 6 2017, 03:12 PM
Welly would be awesome.. any odea which grocery store chain had them?
Not in the UK, think he means France. Home Bargains has Majorette (718 Boxster, G-Wagon etc). Asda might have the batch with the Golf Country, I3 etc.
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look for antique or 2nd hand shops?
OR try the Boot Sales
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When you go to Morrisons or Sainsburys,look all around the store for clipstrips hanging in random places.
Also,Poundland or Poundworld are worth a look.
Edited by FiatCoupe, Dec 6 2017, 06:31 PM.
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Thanks for the tips. I found a location with ASDA, Home Bargains and Poundland right next to each other and I try to visit there today or tomorow
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Well all I can say Ripa is good luck in finding anything half decent here in the UK these days, im a serious collector of 1:64 diecasts with a collection of well over 13000 and over the last few years its been getting much harder in finding anything interesting. In my opinion I put it soley down to the complete dominance of HTI generics which you will now find EVERYWHERE from singles to multi- vehicle sets and playsets etc. Im not exagerating if I ask you to imagine the scenario where every single independant souvenir shop, every small toy shop and every big name retailer in your country is stuffed full of the type of overtly generic and toy like castings youll find in Toys R Us sold under their Fastlane brand. Their dominance is now so complete they have virtually obliterated the better brands which used to occupy this budget slot such as Realtoy, Maisto, Welly, Motormax and various off brand Chinese stuff which may have been unlicensed but at least represented real vehicles! I dont live in Scotland but pretty much all the big brand stores there are the same as England so if I may let me tell you what to expect from various outlets
ASDA Depending which store you visit you will find HW Mainline of various ages from 12 months old right up to 2018 Batch C and Matchbox Batch H and K. They have just discontinued their Maisto based Adventure Wheels range with...HTI generics!! The only appealing casting is a Golden Wheel MAN TGA truck copied from Realtoy which has a couple of nice ASDA branded liveries.
TESCO Possibly one of the worst supermarket now for 1/64 diecasts as a lot of their huge Extra stores have now even stopped selling HW Mainlines! They have just replaced their in house branded Realtoy models with....HTI generics!!
SAINSBURYS You will find HW Mainlines of varying ages and probably the nicest HTI sets as they contain a mixture of licensed BMW and Mercedes castings along with more realistic unlicensed stuff such as a Leyland Titan bus, London Taxi and some Siku copies.
MORRISONS As already mentioned if you search up and down the aisles you should find some nice Majorette singles along with some five vehicle sets and some Series 3 Limited Edition sets along with HW Mainlines of course ;-)
HOME BARGAINS Getting better with choice, you will of course find HTI generics but also new batch Majorette Premium singles VERY cheaply along with MBX three vehicle sets and some Mattel Fast & Furious 1/55 sets too.
B&M BARGAINS HTI generic sets mainly surprise surprise but also a decent amount of late 2017 and early 2018 batches of HW Mainlines
WILKINSONS They have just replaced licensed Suntoys singles with a new type of HTI generics which look even more cheaper and basic than before if thats possible though they also sell Suntoys multi sets, cheapo castings but usually based on real vehicles and of course various HW branded stuff.
POUNDLAND and POUNDWORLD both mainly HTI generics but if you are lucky you might find Matchbox of various vintage from summer 2016 up to 2017 Batch F
SMYTHS TOYS Overwhelmingly Hot Wheels and generic Motormax but you can also find charming Pioneer multi sets
TOYS R US Dominated by Fastlane generics but you might find Gran Turismo Vision Majorette singles and a couple of their latest five vehicle sets
THE ENTERTAINER Dare I say once again mainly HTI generics but you might find the latest Siku singles there but very overpriced.
Not an exhaustive list but you get the picture. Its either Mattel dominated or HTI generics, very depressing especially when you consider no one actually seems to buy them as they dont appear to appeal to anyone yet our UK retailers love them!!!
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Awesome listing, thanks.

I have noticed the overwhelming appearance of HTI generic junk all around. Even Hamleys was full of that.

Morrisons was the best so far.. mid-2016 mainlined with something other than generics too and Majorette also. I noticed the stuff in strips randomly all over the store but found only Street cars and Motorbikes. Tesco had HW mainlines too in their Extra location but only a couple generics. Hamleys had some single Motormax licensed at a ridiculous price of 3 pounds each
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OK.. I have visited all the stores I had time to and here is my experience.. I didn't buy anything from the following:

ASDA - HW Mainlines of mid-2017s and 2017 MBX batch with V60, MX-5 etc but also HTI junk

TESCO - some 2017 HW mainlines but mostly HTI junk

Morrisons - 2017 HW mainlines, mostly generics and some Majorette Street Cars and 3-packs as well as Motorcycles.

Poundworld - MBX generics from around 2012 and HTI junk

Home Bargains - Majorette Premium Cars at cheap price of 1,49 (no G wagens :( ) , MBX 3-packs at 2,99 and HTI junk

WHSmith - HW mainlines, only generics

John Lewis - Motor Max generics and a couple of licensed models

TK Maxx - HW Star Wars and 20 packs

Hamleys - late 2017s Hw, some Motormax and HTI junk

Luckily I found a couple of Hobby shops to buy somwthing..
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